Congratulates to all the students who participated in this year’s mHealth Challenge.

This year’s fall event was part of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) and had one of the largest attendance with over 200 people. Teams had 5 minutes  to pitch their ideas, then answer questions from a panel of judges.GEW logoJudges rated teams on how well they articulated the need, the audience to be addressed, the proposed solution, the outcomes to be achieved, and the potential level of impact. Congratulations to all our participants and this year’s top teams.

We look forward to next year’s challenge and the amazing work these students are able to achieve.

What is the mHealth Challenge?

IST_SUW_2014_mHealth_15The mHealth Challenge allows  undergraduate students to work in  cross-discipline teams to mock-up a mobile health application that addresses a societal health need associated with a specific targeted audience.The PSU mHealth Challenge is modeled after a typical consulting scenario where a group of subject matter experts (i.e., BBH students), work with technology experts (i.e., IST students) to create a prototype that addresses a defined problem/issue for a defined audience. Specifically:

  • BBH students will prepare a brief describing a target population, health need, and behavioral objectives designed to address the health need
  • IST students will act as technology consultants working with BBH students to create a mock-up of a mobile app that addresses the defined health need
  • BBH and IST students will prepare an idea pitches with faculty support
  • Participating teams will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges during Global Entrepreneurship Week

Why do students participate?


Students who participate get the opportunity to:

  • Work with students from a different college
  • Practice practical, hands-on entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship skills
  • Work closely with faculty to take an idea from concept to prototype that could potential impact a critical health issue
  • Pitch the idea in front of senior University officials and successful entrepreneurs
  • Win a gift card and University-wide recognition for their ideas

Can I come see what they come up with?


The public is invited to attend the idea pitches and see the ideas that students have created.


Schedule of Events

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